5 Massive Mistakes Business Owners Make in a Product Launch

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So, you have this new business idea itching you and it’s the new year which you thought could be an ideal time to start that “New Year, New Beginnings!” but starting a business is not as easy as listing your new year’s resolution. You have a handful of things to consider and a lot more to oversee from your marketing plan up to the products you will be putting out there. Isn’t that exciting? But before you get so hyped up, remind yourself that the adrenaline is just a part of what you have to be holding in you. Don’t forget to consider a systematic way to avoid some unanticipated mistakes. 

Starting you off with a big product launch, there are many moving parts and there's a great deal going on. It's hard to keep everything straight and there are bound to be at least some minor problems. But if you avoid these five major mistakes, your product launch should go smoothly for the most part and these will only be little snags along the way.

Here are 5 Massive Mistakes Business Owners Make in a Product Launch

#1. Choosing a “not-so-hot” product

It’s not new that an entrepreneur would choose a product that is not on the hot list of the market as of the moment. You have seen a business opportunity in your own unique lens. Many marketers pick any old product because they think that their marketing prowess alone will sell it but unfortunately fail to consider the needs of their customer base. If your product doesn't live up to the promise of its marketing, you'll have a disaster on your hands. You'll lose customers and create irreversible damage to your reputation, and there may not be a next product launch. One useful thing to remember is that the core of any good launch is a good product, so take the time to create one that meets your customers' needs.

#2. Not Starting Early Enough

As I mentioned, to dive into a business is not as easy as compiling a new year’s resolution. Many people think that starting a business from scratch is easy. To be in business is a bit of everything; you’ll be confused while be excited on the other hand, worry about what to expect or be confident with what you have planned.  Some entrepreneurs start planning just a few weeks out of their launch and then find that either they haven't allowed enough time to fully promote the product and get interest going, or they run into trouble along the way. This kind of mistake should not be underestimated, any marketing stance that you perform for your product is an essential addition to how it is going to create a buzz which could equate to how your sales would look. You should start planning your launch well in advance. Depending on the size of the product, a good guideline is to start planning about two months ahead of the launch day. 

#3. Who Are You Targeting?

Do you know who your target audience are? Do you understand their needs and how your product could be a part of the solution they are looking for? Questions like these are the ones you should base on which hands your products will be purchased by. Businesses often have a good product but don't fully flesh out how to communicate its unique benefits to their market. You can’t make a vision of what kind of problem your products address if you don’t have an idea of who to sell it to and With so many products flooding the market, why should a person buy yours? You need to clearly identify this and figure out how to communicate the unique benefits to your prospective buyers.

#4. DIY

Given the new reality of how we do business since the pandemic happened, many entrepreneurs who mostly are starting the business as one-man company have started learning how to push through their plans independently. If you try to do everything by yourself, you may run into serious trouble. Aside from it being very challenging, it also requires you to double your efforts more so, your skills. First, there's all of the work that goes into the pre-launch phase. You'll be burning the candle at both ends trying to get it all done. There are also skills you may lack or that others could do better. Finally, if you have an online sales force of affiliates and partners selling for you online, you'll greatly increase your reach. It is acceptable to do it by yourself but you have to be reminded that even if you feel like you can be the Jack-of-all-trades, this does not guarantee you the benefit of continued success. You need people with matching skills that you know can be a great addition to how you will position your business in the long run. 

#5. Neglecting to Test

Finally, sometimes how you see your product is not the impression of the market. Know that it could surpass your expectation in a positive way but can also be negatively taken in. This is why it is important to have the chance to listen to your target audience. Many businesses fail to test their products and gain feedback from their target market. This feedback is objective data that tells you how your market really feels about your product. It tells you what changes you need to make to your product or messaging in order to make your launch a success.

You can avoid these massive mistakes that business owners make when launching your business or product. Just don’t have to go through this alone. Stay in a community like the Fearless Fempreneurs Club to top your chances of success!



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