Business as a Survival Skill


Why are MBAs so expensive and why are business people rich?

As we look back at how 2020 have been so far, we see many people losing their jobs. If you never felt that business skills was important, let me shed some light on the matter.

When you lose your job, you look at your qualifications and see what type of jobs you can do. As you go through them, you also need to convince potential employers of your worth. That process of convincing is ONE element of business knowledge.

When you don't have skills (I'm sure you have at least a skill!), you look at your resources and see what you can sell so you can earn a quick buck. You look at your house, inside your wardrobe and even in your store room. You try to find treasures that could be sold for a profit or at least to earn some extra cash to tide you through. This resourcefulness is a characteristic of an entrepreneur, bringing you into the world of commerce.

And finally, when you have no resource, you look for opportunities. You look at social media and you think you can be an influencer or content creator. You watch Storage Wars, and you think you can bid low for a garage and sell high for its contents. You see people queuing up to buy toilet paper, you overstock and sell to the highest bidder. Seeing an opportunity and taking risks is another characteristic of an entrepreneur. So it knowing market trends, demand and supply.

At every stage, you need business skills to convince, promote, exchange and explore new frontiers. You are earning an income through commerce — whether directly or indirectly.

Now, tell me... How can you say that operating commerce and business isn't a survival skill worthy to be passed on to every person (and not just male heirs in families)?

That is why Fempreneur Secrets exist!

We believe that everyone deserves the right to business education, including women all around the world.

Learn because knowledge shared lasts beyond your lifetime.

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