3 Lies Entrepreneurs Tell Newbies

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These entrepreneurs are lying to you…

Everyone now wants to be an entrepreneur. To make their first $1000 to $10,000, many of these so-called gurus lie to newbies about the entrepreneurship journey. THE REAL TRUTH is that entrepreneurship is a tough journey, ESPECIALLY when you make terrible decisions in the beginning.

When I first began my journey into entrepreneurship, I heard so many lies that I sadly believed as a beginner. Here's the top 3 lies entrepreneurs tell you to entice you into this industry:


#1. It’s easy to make your first $1000

This is the biggest LIE I heard from entrepreneurs. To some extent, it's true - if you are selling $1000 to 1 client. If you are selling $50 products, you'd need 20 customers to hit that $1000.

Most of our community members are offering high-ticket products, or services. These are often the easiest way you can make your first $1000 online.

It is more important to decide if you'd rather sell services or products to make the desired income you want.​


#2. You don’t need anything to start a business

Gosh, this is my biggest pet-peeve. I've had enough of people telling this lie over and over again to newbies in the scene.


You NEED a lot of things to start a business. One of the most important thing you need is YOUR NETWORK AND CONTACTS. These so-called gurus are telling you to start with nothing and I call their bluff from a mile away.

When you begin your business, you definitely need your network and contacts. You cannot rely on purely cold market to begin your journey. It really doesn't work that way.

You need skills. You need resources. You need to purchase samples. You need to ideate. You need to research your ideal customers. You need to register your business....

​You. Need. So. Many. Things!​

It is seriously critical that you collect and gather as many of these resources you need FIRST before you jump-ship. The next time you hear another marketer tell you that you don't need anything to start a business, RUN AWAY.


#3. Leave your full-time job now when your passion is burning

Some so-called gurus (or what we Singaporeans like to call gundu) out there would tell you this. They claim that when you delay the departure, you will eventually not do it. There are some truths to this, but I'd rather you leave with a plan than leave like a silly-banana and not know what's next in your life.

When you still have a 9-to-5 job that gives you a paycheck from month to month, you can feed your family, children or fur-kids. When you jump ship on an impulse, you'll starve them for not ONE month, buta few months— while they wait for you to chase your dream. How's that fair to anyone?

What's more important is for you to make a sound and STRUCTURED decision before you jump ship! β€‹


I've had enough of hearing my client tell me these assumptions they had when they began the entrepreneurial path.

That's why I wrote this e-book: The Art of Firing Your Boss. This e-book is designed to walk you through 5-steps that you need to take to run a profitable business, WHILE YOU STILL HAVE YOUR FULL-TIME JOB…

In just 5-steps, you’ll learn how to systematically quit your job to pursue your business full-time.

  • 45 pages of actionable guide

  • 5 insightful chapters

  • 4-step process

  • Handy questionnaire to inspire your thoughts


Some updates:

I'm revamping the whole Fempreneur Secrets offers. This is your BEST CHANCE to grab the e-book at $17 before it disappears.

​You only need a sound plan with structured steps to succeed in business. Then, you just need to implement. I've got you covered in this e-book.​

 Keep learning and keep believing in yourself, because the world needs an inspiration just like you.

I'll see you in the next episode of Fempreneur Secrets — Empowering Women Through Business.

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