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The feeling of burnout is real. I run two businesses, one physical and one virtual. A lot of my time is spent meeting people, but not enough time is spent working on the things I need to scale my business.

I was searching everywhere for a solution to take control and block off some time, so I can make time for high-value work. I cannot be meeting everyone and anyone every waking moment of every day.

That’s when I found Reclaim.AI

This web-based app really changed my life. At a glance, I can now prioritise important work and block my calendar from new lead appointments.

With the exception of allowing my audience to book a slot with me, Reclaim.AI is a powerful tool for time empowerment. It’s where you get to form new habits, enforce those habits with constant reminders, as well as make time for what matters the most. These are my top 3 favourite features of Reclaim


#1. Schedule and prioritise important tasks

This is the ONE feature from Reclaim.AI that I really needed. If you are like me and you have a lot of things on your plate, you need systems to improve your workflow. I did think about using Zapier and connecting my Google Calendar with the things I need to work on. I even went the route of creating individual tasks in my Google Calendar. This was just too time consuming and I can’t adjust my tasks when I need to free it up for more time.

With Reclaim.AI, you can add in tasks, set deadlines and even prioritise them. Their smart technology will find slots within your calendar to fill in those tasks.

Reclaim blocks time for your Tasks automatically, like magic! Tasks that take multiple hours get broken up automatically, reschedule if things change, and only get marked as Busy if you're close to your due date.

Reclaim also has this cool feature called “Defend Time”.

Here, Reclaim analyzes your calendar in real-time and creates flexible, dynamic blocks on your schedule for your to accomplish your goals. When you reprioritize your goals, Reclaim rethinks your entire schedule for you — just like a great assistant would. I really like this feature because it allows me to decide how serious I am with this task.

That’s when I would be asking myself questions like:

  • Is this something only I can do? Or can someone else do it?

  • Is this essential to growth in my business?

  • Do I need to do this now, or later?

  • How long should I spend my time working on this task?

When I couple this with time-tracking tools like Toggl Track, it’s total Time Empowerment!


#2. Focus on creating new and good habits

Now that I have a team, I’m working on developing new habits like having my meals and doing my prayers on time. I started adding these “Habits”, as Reclaim calls it, into my calendar. My punctuality on meal and prayer times have definitely improved. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s getting more familiar to me.

With Habits, you can tell Reclaim things that you want to get done regularly, give a rough idea of when you want them to happen, and Reclaim finds the time to get them done. The Time Defense will protect these habits as well! You can set the ideal times and frequency for it to happen, and define how aggressively you want to defend the time on your calendar.

If you need inspiration on type of habits to work on, they even offer a list here! Looking at this list, I find it encouraging. At least now I know that I’m not alone in wanting to create habits like forming monthly reports, networking and housecleaning!


#3. Buffer, Travel & Decompress Time

Living in this new normal, we have virtual meetings regularly. But do we have time to take breaks between virtual meetings to decompress, close our eyes and realign for the next activity? Reclaim blocks time on your calendar after video calls to give you time to decompress and take a break. Reclaim detects video conference links automatically, so you don’t need to do anything yourself.

With the lightening of measures, we can also arrange for meetings physically now. That requires travel time which you can also set in Anytime Reclaim sees a location in meetings, it automatically blocks time to travel there and back. If you happen to have a flight, Reclaim will detect it and add more time for travel to the airport. It’s still wonky right now, I feel, but it’s a great start.

This feature has been a constant reminder for me to rest after my virtual meetings, use the loo and even drink up. When I need to travel to a physical appointment, Reclaim can add 1-hour before and after the event. At least, I can take public transportation if I need to and won’t be late too!

That’s not all that Reclaim.AI has to offer.

The system also include ability to integrate with Slack if you use that, and schedule 1:1 Meetings automatically by email invitation. Let’s say you need to do weekly roundup with a staff you’re training, you can find a time slot to meet with them. However, they will need to create an account with Reclaim.AI to access the feature.

Best part? Reclaim.AI is currently FREE until March 2022.

There’s nothing stopping you from achieving time empowerment now!


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