MAJOR UPDATE: 3 Key Reasons Why We’re Moving Away from Podia to Kajabi

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Over the past 3 months, my team and I have been spending a lot of time redeveloping our offers.

Fempreneur Secrets has grown and evolved. We are checking off so many of our goals in a short span of 8 months. Since January 2021, we were propelled towards the vision that we desire at Fempreneur Secrets.

Moving our Learning Management System (LMS) over to something more streamlined was a tough call. It was honestly a 6-month decision making process. Even while we were going through the 30-day trial, we were still on the fence. We tested with a small group of our community members and the benefits outweigh the doubts. From then on, there was no turning back. I wrote about why I moved over to Kajabi and made this huge leap of faith here.

So, with that,

It’s a bye-bye-bye Podia…


It is sad to say that after a long-time using Podia we will be moving to a new home for your valuable Fempreneur Secrets’ learning materials. Podia has served its purpose for the past months of keeping the lessons well organized and creating an excellent space for our passionate community of women entrepreneurs to hone their business aspirations through the courses that they purchased and is exclusively made available.

Since we are always looking out for the better benefit of the community and our loyal clients we have come to this brilliant move and that is to bring you to our new and improved learner’s area, using the mighty Kajabi!

What is Kajabi?

Besides their really sound ethos, Kajabi was our choice for a very long time. We tried so many different LMS. However, in the beginning of our business, we did not see a need to fork out $199/month on the software, when there was a $29/month alternative that offers something similar.

I love Kajabi’s ethos, and this is what they have to say about themselves:

At our core, Kajabi is a solution born out of the need to share knowledge. Built for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. Our Co-founder was the very first Kajabi customer. We’re not in the business of convincing people to choose entrepreneurship. We empower people who’ve already chosen that path for themselves and do everything we can to help them succeed.

Their ethos and vision aligned with ours here at Fempreneur Secrets.

They are a true representation of what entrepreneurs should be: honouring your worth and embracing your purpose.

What can you do with Kajabi?

Kajabi makes it easy to turn the knowledge you already have into something you can sell. It’s an all-in-one business platform with everything you need to create, market, and sell digital products from one dashboard.

This power-packed platform allows us to provide you with courses, membership and easy payment options. It’s core features that we are using in this move includes


Online Courses

Create a ready-to-sell course in just a few clicks. Choose one of Kajabi’s customizable blueprints or start from scratch. Then upload your videos, audio files, and PDFs to build a one-of-a-kind learning experience.



Generate monthly recurring revenue, build community, and give your customers a constant stream of value with a membership site.


Video Hosting

Hosting comes included, so you can upload your videos straight to Kajabi and immediately use them in digital products, websites, landing pages, and more.


Welcome to our new learner’s area, built on Kajabi

Here are 5 reasons why we’ve decided to shift over to Kajabi from Podia

#1. Kajabi provides a more streamlined experience for you

The biggest qualms from our community members was that courses are disorganised. If you were added on a bundle on Podia, you would be given a lot of courses without knowing which to begin on first. It can get really confusing when new lessons are added. So, moving into something more intuitive was at the top of our priority list.

With Kajabi, you’ll experience a more intuitive design which will help you easily navigate throughout the learner’s area. Whether you are looking out for the new lessons or revisiting the previous ones, you’ll surely find it in a simpler sequence.

Now, you’ll also be informed via email whenever there are new lessons uploaded to your learner’s area as part of the program you enrolled in. No more confusion and asking Team Fempreneur where your materials are. Everything is stored in one central location. 

#2. Kajabi is an All-in-One platform, which will handle our emails, videos and membership to you

We wanted to streamline our funnel & workflows onto one location for ease of use within our team. When we have new team members onboarded, the first challenge will be to figure out which tools they need to learn first. We have our LMS at Podia, email marketing with ConvertKit and our Customer Management System on 17Hats. That’s like a lot of apps for a new hire to learn!

For a long time, I was considering a cocktail of softwares to make the operations of Fempreneur Secrets smooth, functional and cost-effective. The combination of softwares could lead me $2000 expenses every month! That’s not realistic. The whole point of running an online business is to keep expenses low. I’m practically running the business on softwares that equates to the cost of renting an office!

That’s when my mentors and coaches also advised me to look at my expenses and cut back on what I no longer need.

Watch this video to understand what I mean

Kajabi is practically an ALL-IN-ONE: a CRM, email marketing, online courses, coaching (coming soon) and even podcast (we're transitioning soon to Kajabi for this!). It is as an online platform for course creation and as a powerhouse business tool aiding the Fempreneur Team into streamlining our funnel and workflows into one location. Kajabi covers practically the entire A-Z from turning cold traffic into giving clients an efficient avenue to learn, create a knowledge vault of online course, has an impressive email marketing tool, for our coaching and even for our podcast! Everything — just everything — excellently works together into the platform.

With Kajabi, we can eliminate the following tools we were previously using:

  • Podia (this isn’t an elimination, just an exchange)

  • ConvertKit

  • 17hats (I still love this tool for Blissful Studios. It just isn’t a fit for Fempreneur Secrets)

  • Leadpages

  • Zapier (I was using this a lot for automation between Podia and ConvertKit)

  • …and possibly even Squarespace (but we love Squarespace, so we’re keeping this one in-tact!)

The cost savings is not much (around USD10), but it has helped my team by saving them lots of hours trying to learn a new tool every single time. It has also saved me a lot of time from creating tech-tutorials for my team to follow. Previously, my new hires would spend almost a week just watching videos from our employee onboarding to learn the softwares we use. Now, they just need to spend a day at most to learn Kajabi.

Plus, if they do get lost, Kajabi has 24/7 support. I’ve asked them a lot of questions while transitioning over from Podia and they were really helpful. On 4th of July, their response time was 1-hour and that really surprised me!

An added bonus: moving over also allowed us to start fresh and upload new learning materials for our programs. This is not specific to Kajabi, but it does help! 

#3. Kajabi accepts multiple currencies

One of our biggest pain points of using Podia was its inability to offer multiple currencies. We needed a tool that was flexible to make offers for our clients in USD and SGD.

As we return back to “the new norm”, we are starting to welcome face-to-face classes for our Singapore-based students. In preparation for that, we didn’t want to manually accept bank transfer and PayNow transactions because that will totally mess up our automation sequences. We teach our community about automation, so if we didn’t practice that, we’d be lying to ourselves and going against our values.

Kajabi allows us to set multiple currencies to our offers. I can have an offer in USD for people not based in Singapore and offer SGD for those based in Singapore. This makes selling so much easier!

#4. You can create events with ease on Kajabi

My community members would know that in the early days, I was creating events on MailerLite and manually sending links to Zoom to them. I even tried to form classes on Acuity Scheduling (it’s amazing for other things) which didn’t work either. Podia does have the ability to sell Webinars but I just didn’t like the design options. It’s very limited and I can’t do much expect add a title, select dates and decide where I’ll be publishing the session on.

With Kajabi, I can create events with ease. It create a sort-of landing page which I can customise and add as much information as I need. I can also setup email automation as countdown to the webinar sessions.

If you’re looking to create evergreen events, Kajabi can do that too with a workaround. I’ll talk about that in another blog or video entry.

#5. Design beautiful websites and landing pages with Kajabi

This was low in our priority, but it was still important to us. We needed a platform that allowed us to customise the look and feel of our programs with ease. At first, I wasn’t quite pleased knowing that Kajabi doesn’t automatically create a landing page for every product (courses, community, etc) that we create, which Podia does. After building a couple of landing pages for our offers, I started to see why they didn’t do that.




Kajabi allows you to create a fresh landing page for every offer you have, so you can duplicate and make adjustments according to your campaigns.

Let’s say I have an offer for my Perfect Podcast course created. I can duplicate this landing page when I collaborate with another fempreneur. I can change the offer with ease and provide a separate link to my fellow collaborator.

If it was Podia, whatever changes I made would affect the main product offer. I could never offer specials unless I create a coupon code. Kajabi definitely made the process easier.

Not everything is great: Kajabi doesn’t provide in-built certificates

However, I do have one complain about Kajabi that I’ll be okay with.

Upon completing your courses on Podia, you’d be issued a certificate. This was one of the most recent updates after many course creators requested for it. To date, Kajabi has yet to make certificates an in-built feature.

For now, if you’d like to offer a certificate, you’d need to integrate with third-party softwares like Accredible (which is super expensive!).

For us at Fempreneur Secrets, we’re doing this manually for you until Kajabi comes up with a solution. We don’t mind placing that extra love into your certificates!

Kajabi’s email sequence isn’t as extensive as ConvertKit

The reason why I chose ConvertKit for our email marketing tool is because of it’s visual display of the automated email campaigns. Kajabi doesn’t have this feature enabled.

However, it’s really a small matter.

Kajabi makes up for it with Pipelines, which offers your email sequences to be edited and appear nicely. It’s visual automation, with ability to edit without leaving the page! I love this feature that Kajabi has.

Is Kajabi expensive?

Short answer, yes it is. BUT it’s totally worth it. You may think it's expensive, but it's actually much more cost effective. In the early stages of your business, I’d say that Podia would be a good start. Once you’ve hit stable $5-10K months, there’s no reason to move over to Kajabi for greater stability. It is our mission to push your potentials to a successful feat in the industry as a woman and to the community of entrepreneurs and this move will help us deliver the amazing outcomes that you, our clients would benefit from.

I’m an existing student / coaching client. What do I do?

You’ll receive an email from us about this change. Follow the instructions found on the email. If you need further assistance, drop us an email at [email protected]

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