Everyday is Women’s Day: Events We’re Proud to be a Part of


It’s been an extremely long time since I last spent time writing on this blog. It feels kinda dusty in here.. *wipes dust, coughs*

As I recall, the reason why I wanted to build Fempreneur.co is to empower women to build purposeful businesses. I’ve always thought about the millions of women in Asia who earn below world’s minimum wage, yet want to succeed in their family business and life. They want to build a legacy and see a brighter future for their community.

These are the purpose-driven women entrepreneurs that need to be celebrated and give the spotlight. They don’t get the same opportunities as most city-folks do. Going to school may even take them up to 3-hours every single day, in very harsh, unsafe and unpredictable conditions. Yet, they make their way to school because that is their only source of education.

Women entrepreneurs all over the world should be given access to business education because it is a NEED. The foundation of business will make the difference between a farmer who barely make ends meet and one who is able to provide an income for others in her community.

That’s why, this Women’s Month, we’re going all out to talk about women entrepreneurs and the programs that we have designed to make this happen. These are the 3 events we are proud to be part of this March.


26 Feb 2021 • VIRTUAL

Transforming & Thriving Together Summit: Thriving Leaders Sharing Best Practices and What They do

I’ve been invited as a Panelist in Transforming & Thriving Together. This insightful event happening from 22 to 26 February will bring together experts inn their field. In this panel, Thriving Leaders Sharing Best Practices and What They Do, we will discuss what thriving means and how we manage to thrive and rise despite the pandemic.

5 MarCH 2021 • VIRTUAL

International Women's Day: Each for Equal

Organised by Lisha Women’s Wing, this panel discussion on The Gender Pay Gap in Singapore will be joined by representatives from the International Chinese Federation, [email protected], Indiase Media Pte Ltd and moderated by Ms. Jayasutha S of Diego. Join me as I discuss with Ms. Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment and the amazing panelist on this topic.

20 MarCH 2021 • VIRTUAL

Pitching for Change

We have been working hard for the past year to champion Fempreneur.co for women. On 20 March, we will be pitching Fempreneur.co to esteemed judges for a chance to win seed funding for this business.

Be part of the movement by joining Fearless Fempreneur Academy today, or Sponsoring a Rising Fempreneur here.

24 MarCH 2021 • VIRTUAL

DEWI Digi 2021: Transforming Digitally in the Post-Pandemic Era

This is an event that the Women’s Wing of Singapore Malay Chambers of Commerce organised for 2020 before Singapore went on lockdown. We brought this forward to this year in a different format to tackle digital transformation in the post-pandemic era. This 3-hour virtual session is one you surely won’t want to miss. PLUS, stay till the end where I’ll be giving a speech on Building a Timeless Business Beyond Covid.

On top of these, we also have a line of amazing speakers on both our Fearless Fempreneur LIVE as well as our Podcast.

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