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Type of Resources We Share in The Secret Vault

  • Templates & E-Guides

    We believe in quality content that is broken down step-by-step for your learning. Templates & E-Guides are downloadable for you to use in print or online.

  • Mini Courses

    Some things just cannot be taught in one podcast episode. We've broken down some of the topics into a mini course, so you can go through it at your own pace.

  • Tools We Use

    We only share tools that we have tried. Not all the tools out there are designed for your business needs. The tools are split based on the size of your business.

What's Included for FREE

Yep, there'll all yours for free!

  • 1

    Business Clarity

    • Download Get Clarity Worksheet + Prep Work

    • Step 1 - Finding Your Purpose

    • Step 2 - Identifying Your Tasks

    • Step 3 - Dump It All Out

    • Step 4 - The Centre for Your Brain's Secrets

    • Step 5 - Exercise Your Tasks

    • IT'S A WRAP!

  • 2

    Set Goals You'll Follow Through

    • How to Set Goals You'll Follow Through Worksheet

  • 3

    Raising Capital for Your Business

    • 01 - How Much Capital Should I Raise

    • 02 - Change Your Lifestyle to Help You Raise Capital

    • 03 - Live for Less to Raise Business Capital

    • 04 - Bootstrapping Your Business

    • 05 - Beta Test Your Ideas

  • 4

    Branding Your Business

    • FREE Brand Style Guide

    • Download FREE Feminine Stock Photos

  • 5

    Tools & Resources We Love

    • How to Use This List

    • Suitable for All Stages

    • STARTUP STAGE of Business

    • GROWTH STAGE of Business

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The Most Helpful Resource Library

by Shaymaa

The Secret Vault is the most helpful resource library I've had encountered. Following the worksheets and step-by-step instruction has helped me see growth in my business.

It Shouldn't Be Free

by Andrea

The value I get from Secret Vault is so immense that my business became clear and structured. The fact that it's FREE makes me guilty! With so much value, this shouldn't be free at all!

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