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When I started, I couldn’t even look at the camera

I’ve been so used to being behind the camera that when it was time for me to step in front of the camera, I froze.

I would choke every time I think about hitting record, and I will automatically forget my lines — no matter how many times I practiced them!

Do these sound familiar?

You know you have a message to share with the world but there’s MANY things holding you back. It could be…

#1. The way you look, dress and sound

You look at someone on YouTube sharing the exact same message you want to s hare, but she looks gorgeous, have perfect set of teeth and have great hair. You try recording your first video… and when you hit “play”, you don’t like what you see.

Lovely, I totally feel you.

I mean, look at me! Post 9-11, I know people would look at me differently. I wear a hijab, I’m Asian and I don’t speak British or American English. Who would wanna listen to me, right?

I’ll show you how to be the confident leader you need to be to create change you want to see in the world.

#2. Your name isn’t “English” enough

In case you don’t already know, my name is Huda and it’s Arabic. If not for Huda Beauty, I bet no one knows how to pronounce my name.

Just like you, I fear that people will butcher my name. I fear they’ll not wanna attend my courses because my name is weird…

Reality is that your name has a BEAUTIFUL MEANING.

In Fearless Fempreneurs, I’ll show you how to discover and get comfortable with who you really are.

#3. You are not Techy enough

I mean come on… Technology evolves at such a fast pace, even I cannot keep up with it.

I have a content marketing agency dealing with video production, and yet I still feel lost everytime my team talks about new equipment and developments in the industry.

If you’re not a tech-person, so be it. The minimum requirement here is you know how to use your phone.

If you know how to forward Whatsapp messages, watch YouTube videos and take a photo..

you’re more than ready to step into this programme

#4. Someone else is already doing what you want to do

You watched an expert:

  • share the same things you wanted to share;

  • sell the same products you wanted to offer;

  • do the things you wanted to do;

  • say the things you wanted to say

and the list goes on…

Let me drop the truth-bombs here:

There’s only ONE YOU.

No one else can deliver the message you have, the way you do it. There will not be any duplicates!

You can overcome all of these and create the business that you dream of.

By being visible so people know you exist — we’ll show you how!

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Move yourself from shy to FEARLESS.
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Billed Annually

  • Access to Fearless Fempreneur Club
    (value $1197)
  • Social media mention on our Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn
    (value $197)
  • Access ALL 20+ Episodes of Fearless Fempreneur Show
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  • Monthly LIVE Digital Marketing Workshops and SPRINT Sessions
    (value $297 each)
  • Replays and Premium Digital Marketing Workshops
    (value $297 each)



Billed Monthly

Access to Fearless Fempreneur Club
(value $1197)

  • Social media mention on our Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn
    (value $197)
  • Access ALL 20+ Episodes of Fearless Fempreneur Show
    (value $1997) 


  • Monthly LIVE Digital Marketing Workshops and SPRINT Sessions
    (value $297 each)
  • Replays and Premium Digital Marketing Workshops
    (value $297 each)

What People Are Saying

Our students' success speaks volumes.

It was wonderful working with Huda. She is someone who understands problems of new entrepreneurs and provide support. Ladies, book your coaching session soon ๐Ÿ˜


Beauty E-Commerce Owner

You provided me with clarity on what are some of the steps I can go ahead with which is really what I needed. really appreciate it, Huda!


Financial Advisor

Huda makes me feel at ease and never makes me feel small or too ‘noob’ at anything! Her business coaching has exceeded my expectations!


UI/UX Web Designer

* Name changed to protect the identity of our students

Frequently Asked Questions

Huda is the founder of Fempreneur Secrets, an online community empowering women to lead purposeful businesses online. She empowers women around the world to design their life through business.

She has been nominated The Most Compassionate Womenpreneur Award in 2019, and have been invited to speak at events supported by Google Singapore, US State Department and State Department of United Arab Emirates.

A series of unfortunate events led Huda to say “Never AGAIN!” and pathed her own way journey to entrepreneurship. With only $800, a camera and laptop, she co-founded Blissful Studios, a video production agency, with her then-boyfriend-now-husband. Today, Blissful Studios have served Fortune 500 companies like Hitachi, Prudential and Tata Communications.

She repeated the process once more when she founded Fempreneur Secrets with only her available resources (and $0), as a bid to proof that it’s possible to start a business with what you have. She crowdfunded and raised $2000 which became the capital to establish Fempreneur Secrets. Today, Fempreneur Secrets has empowered over 400 individuals in building and growing a business online.

Huda believes in the value of education and aspires to equip women business knowledge as a survival skill. One of the ways is through Fempreneur Secrets Podcast, a show that Huda hosts with over 3000 listeners from around the world.

During her free time, she volunteers to mentor young female leaders to achieve their desired careers.