Authentic Marketing in the Feminine Business World with Christine Hansen

Season #4 Episode #7

I sat down with an award winning business coach who has combined smart strategies and deep soul work to grow and scale hundreds of global businesses. Her work has been featured on TedX, Entrepreneur, Forbes, National Geographic, and more!

This stunning woman is Christine Hansen, also the founder and CEO of Sleep Like A Boss.

One business aspect that we, as female entrepreneurs, are constantly trying to improve is Marketing. Be it Social Media Marketing or Digital Advertising, we’re always on the lookout for the most innovative ways to grab the hearts of our audiences.

More often than not, the content that gets the most attention is the kind that reveals emotions. So, how do we unveil ourselves on social media? How can we do it right?

In this episode of Fearless Fempreneur Show with Christine, we discussed these three main topics:
  1. Outgrowing Your Business: What’s Next?

  2. Authenticity Marketing: Being Yourself on Social Media

  3. Choosing Your Focus & Priorities

Listen to the complete episode to start adapting Christine’s unorthodox marketing methods!

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Authentic Marketing in the Feminine Business World with Christine Hansen

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