Showcase vs Show Off: Which is better for your business?

Season #3 Episode #23

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The difference between Showcasing and Showing Off


  • THE step to take if you want to be visible online & get media features like I had

If you’ve been wondering what is the difference between showcase and showing off your achievements, this post is written for you. I’ve been in that dilemma before so I know that it can get confusing.

Whenever I speak to women during my Feminine CEO Chat, I hear some common requirements to business that they set for themselves:

  • "I don't want to have my face to the business"

  • "I want to quit my job like yesterday to start my business, but I don't want my bosses or colleagues to know about my business"

  • "I am a private person and I don't like to share about my life to my business, and vice versa"

Here's the thing. If I said yes to all the pseudo requirements above, I wouldn't have been able to launch a purpose-driven business like Fempreneur Secrets and my video production company

These are just limiting beliefs we set in our own minds that really prevents us from moving forward.

This week was one interesting journey for me.

If you're based in Singapore, you know how HARD it is for a minority to appear on these media. 

My face was on the banners for all these features, and I was okay. Because this was a win for women in my community. This is not my achievement but a mark of success for minority women in Singapore who dress and look like me. I've been positioned at the headline banner, proving to you that it is more than possible to appear in mainstream media. 


Well, why am I sharing with you this?

There is a BIG difference between showcasing and showing off.

By definition to show off is to "behave in a way that is intended to attract attention or admiration, and that other people often find annoying". Isn't it interesting how Cambridge Dictionary would define this? 

Showcase on the other hand is is "to show the best qualities or parts of something". 

What is the difference then? 

You can be showing the same thing, but one can be seen as being a show off, and the other being a showcase.

It all boils down to the intention and the way this was being presented.

For example, Audrey and Liz have both purchased a car.

On her social media, Audrey would pose in front of her car and mention her car whenever the opportunity arises. Audrey would check her number of likes, comments and general praises coming from her social media within the first hour of sharing. She repeats this behaviour whenever possible. The intention here is to get attention

Liz on the other hand shared about her purchase on the day of her key collection. She shared it once more when her family of 5 was able to sit comfortably in one vehicle, without having to be separated because of the safe distancing measures. And she has not shared about her car since. The intention here is to share her joy and achievement without the need for attention. She's simply marking her achievement, and leaving it there. To her, whoever knows, knows. That is showcasing

So, it is clear that showcasing is the better option for your business.

It leaves your organisation with a strong and lasting impression, giving your potential clients confidence to connect with you.

Of course, showcasing is not necessarily easy. It can take years before you get noticed by mainstream media.

I was first featured on my community papers and have been featured many times by the same community papers. I was joking to my husband that one day, Berita Harian would no longer call me for media interviews because I’ve been featured too many times!

Back in 2019, I had my first media feature on Borneo Bulletin and was being interviewed on Progresif Radio in Brunei. That shaped the journey forward towards being picked up for media interviews.

But I have to say, my very first interview was on a Podcast show called Hijab Forum. You can catch my interview there. The episode took almost a year before it was published. In between the time of the interview to the time it was published, I was being interviewed by many other podcast shows.

The reality is that being featured on Podcast Shows is a great beginning to your career or business visibility. There are over 18.5 million episodes from over 520,000 active podcast shows all over the world and in over 100 difference languages!

There is bound to be a show that wants to feature the amazing work that you do!

  Before you could get on those shows, you need to have what I like to call the Magic One Sheet!

With just one page, you can get featured on shows you want to be associated with.

I'll be sharing about the Magic One Sheet that has helped me get media interviews and speaking engagements in the Fearless Fempreneur Club this 2 October at 9AM. This will be the FIRST monthly session we’re holding since the new update of Fearless Fempreneur Club.


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