Fearless Fempreneur Show

Fearless Fempreneur Show

Hosted by: Huda Hamid

Formally known as Fempreneur Secrets Podcast, this is the place to be for speakers, trainers and entrepreneurs to launch a profitable business online. With your host & digital marketing specialist, Huda Hamid, and...


Growing a Handmade Community with Hani Rafie

Season #1 Episode #40

Growing a community online is not the same as growing a community offline. In this episode, we hear how Hani Rafie, founder of Hani & Co, build her community of handcrafters in Singapore. She is such an...
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Wrapping up 2019 with 5 Lessons Learnt

Season #1 Episode #39

It has been a year! Can you believe it? What was just an idea in 2017, took 1 year to materialise and now we’re a year in! So much love for all of you amazing listeners who have been supporting us from the beginning. ...
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How to Make More Money in the next 12 to 18 Months with Monica Shah

Season #1 Episode #38

Success in business is determined by the way we look at money. In this super powerful episode, we interviewed Monica Shah, founder of Revenue Breakthrough. She shares her inspiration behind motivating women to master...
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Personal Branding is Key with Shahirah Rahim

Season #1 Episode #37

Health & wellness is a trillion-dollar industry, forecasted to grow tremendously in 5 years. Shahirah is no stranger to the world of health and wellness, having started her business because of her passion for the...
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Mastering Your Social Media with Deasha Waddup

Season #1 Episode #36

When it comes to setting up your online presence, you know that you must have social media setup. But does it make sense to setup accounts on all platforms, or should you just focus on one? In...
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How to Survive in a Man's World as a Fempreneur

Season #1 Episode #35

With the movement for gender equality, there is a rise of female entrepreneurs in male-dominated industry. Charlene Kang, founder of [email protected] in Singapore, is one such fempreneur. She went against the tide of tech...
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Subscription Model in Your Business with Nura Ahmad

Season #1 Episode #34

In this episode, we interviewed Nura Ahmad, founder of HerTribe, a female-only fitness studio in Singapore. Nura is a Cancer Survivor, and that drived her passion to empower women to stay fit....
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Making it As a Social Enterprise with Murshidah Said

Season #1 Episode #33

With so many business models, which one should you choose for yours? In this special episode, we interviewed Murshidah Said from M&Z Empowerment, a social enterprise with offices in Singapore and Malaysia.  She...
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Effective Networking for Fempreneurs

Season #1 Episode #32

We’ve all been to networking events and stumble at our words, probably more often than we should. Worse, we get so worked up because we cannot get any results from networking events!  This episode will help you break...
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What Growing Up in Singapore Taught Me About Business

Season #1 Episode #31

It’s Singapore’s birthday and in this episode, I wanted to share with you my thoughts about growing up in Singapore. In this episode, you'll hear about: Perfection isn’t everything Take fast...
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Believe in Yourself

Season #1 Episode #30

“Just have fun, you gotta have fun” — Melanie Johnsson When you’re running a creative design business, you tend to get lost in the numbers and the billable hours. After all, you want to get paid. But, what happens...
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Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe: How Branding Starts With You

Season #1 Episode #29

So you've probably heard about the phrase "Your vibe attracts your tribe" — probably a lot of times, especially if you are following a lot of women entrepreneurs on Instagram, on Facebook, and even watching them on...
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